Exhibition Signs, Banners and Hoardings - Direct printed aluminium panels mounted onto plyboard backing:

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Project Description

Our customer was constructing a new home for a big occupier…  an elephant!  There had been much national coverage with regards to this particular elephant as it owners had rescued it from a previous cruel existence.  As the new home was in the middle of a major visitor attraction site, the owners wanted to make a big visual point surrounding the new development. This hoarding was constructed using direct printed aluminium panels that used 35 sheets (8ft x 4ft’) of aluminium composite material covering a total area of nearly 1000sq ft.  Our fitters were on site to install the direct printed aluminium panels onto pre-constructed plyboard framing. Working in the middle of a safari park surrounded by animals more usually found on the plains of Africa isn’t an everyday experience, but thankfully all work was completed without incident.